Print news offers important opportunities for explaining the value of business aviation, and NBAA and GAMA have offered countless interview opportunities to news executives to discuss the industry. Below is just a sampling of the interviews and articles the two organizations have participated in since the launch of the No Plane No Gain campaign in 2009.

Highlight the Value of Business Aviation on National Aviation Day

National Aviation Day, observed each year on Aug. 19, celebrates the history of aviation in the U.S. and its importance to communities and citizens around the country – a sentiment shared by the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign. National Aviation Day provides industry stakeholders with an opportunity to highlight the importance of business aviation, which is vital to job creation; business efficiency; keeping communities connected and supporting worthy humanitarian endeavors. 

No Plane No Gain Advocacy Campaign to be Featured at Upcoming NBAA Regional Forum

Attendees at NBAA’s Sept. 7 Regional Forum in Morristown, NJ will find an abundance of resources to help them get the word out about the value business aviation brings to communities, citizens and companies around the country. The always popular No Plane No Gain lapel pins, along with #BizAvWorks stickers and cards, and other resources will be available for attendees to review and take with them.

Governors, Mayors Across the U.S. Highlight General Aviation’s Value in August

The governors of Louisiana and South Carolina, along with mayors in cities around the country, are recognizing the importance of general aviation this month, by underscoring the value it brings to their communities and citizens. To date, officials in all 50 states, as well as hundreds of mayors around the country have issued such proclamations.

Bob Hoover Academy Uses Aviation to Motivate At-Risk Students

At the Bob Hoover Academy, founded by Sean D. Tucker and Eric Tucker, in Salinas, CA, aviation is a tool to motivate and change the lives of at-risk and under-served youth. “These kids come from a hard-luck town where gangs and violent crime are rampant,” said co-founder Eric Tucker. “We tell them if you keep your grades up and try to be a good person, we’ll teach you to fly.” Originally named “Every Kid Can Fly,” the Tuckers approached aviation legend Bob Hoover shortly before his passing in 2016 and asked if the program could be renamed after him.

Business Aviation Gives Back: Young Cancer Survivors Take to the Skies

Four recent cancer survivors received a special thrill this month as they learned the basics of piloting an aircraft, courtesy of the 4th Annual Big Sky Kids Cancer Survivor Flight Camp, which is co-sponsored by NBAA member Summit Aviation, a full-service aircraft management, brokerage and general aviation flight training provider. “This flight camp puts the cancer survivor in a position that they have rarely ever been – in control,” said Ben Walton, president and founder of Summit Aviation.

Port of South Louisiana Executive Regional Airport Supports 70 Industries

The Port of South Louisiana Executive Regional Airport supports dozens of industries based at the nearby Port of South Louisiana on the Mississippi River. “Business aviation makes a significant impact on the region,” said Paul Aucoin, executive director for the Port of South Louisiana. “Word is getting out about how convenient it is to use this airport. Passengers doing business in the area can land here and have a meeting at the airport’s meeting room or at nearby businesses without dealing with the traffic of the cities.”

No Plane No Gain Campaign to Again be Featured at AirVenture

Visitors to NBAA’s tent at Experimental Aircraft Association’s AirVenture Oshkosh will find plenty of resources to help them get the word out about the value of business aviation. No Plane No Gain lapel pins, #BizAvWorks stickers and cards, and other resources will be available for attendees to review and take with them – spreading the world about the industry’s value to communities, companies and citizens across the country.

General Aviation Drives Need for New Terminal at Southwest Wyoming Airport

As a rural airport serving Southwest Wyoming, the Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport (RKS) derives 87 percent of its operating revenues from general aviation (GA), with a balanced mix of business and pleasure operations, flight training, medical flights and aerial firefighting. This strong GA presence was a major factor in the airport recently announcing of a new general aviation terminal and hangar facility.

Life Strategist Gary Coxe Uses Aviation for Business, Community

Gary Coxe, entrepreneur, business and life strategist and author, uses his passion for aviation to benefit both his business and his community. “It [business aviation] is just so much more efficient than airline travel,” said Coxe. With business aviation, “I can take my staff with me to speaking arrangements and if an engagement runs late, we don’t miss our flight – we just leave later,” he said.