Print news offers important opportunities for explaining the value of business aviation, and NBAA and GAMA have offered countless interview opportunities to news executives to discuss the industry. Below is just a sampling of the interviews and articles the two organizations have participated in since the launch of the No Plane No Gain campaign in 2009.

In March, North Dakota, Tennessee Highlight Business Aviation Value

General aviation, including business aviation, is a vital contributor to the economy in every state, and in March, the governors of North Dakota and Tennessee and several mayors across the country officially recognized the industry for the important role it plays. Every state, in addition to hundreds of communities throughout the United States, have highlighted general aviation over the years for its contributions to the success of companies and citizens around the country.

Business Aviation Provides Competitive Advantage for Adjusters International

Scott deLuise, CEO of Adjusters International Matrix Business Consulting, says his Cessna pressurized Centurion is his company’s biggest advantage over its competitors. “It might be necessary to meet a company adjuster and a client a few times to handle one claim and we efficiently do that with this airplane,” said deLuise. “It’s just not cost effective or time efficient to get to these locations any other way.”

InPwr Inc.: Building Better With Business Aviation

Brian Inskeep, president of InPwr Inc., knows that business aviation is key to the success of his company. “We’re known for our quality of work and commitment to safety. Thanks to business aviation, we are able to bring this high-quality service to our clients in more places, faster,” said Inskeep

Op-Ed: General Aviation Brings Jobs, Economic Benefits to Indiana

Not only does business aviation provide jobs and economic benefits to Huntingburg, IN, it also helps OFS employees do more – and more efficiently. “Without the airport, our business would have a fraction of the activity we currently have, and the community of Huntingburg would not host business leaders from across the country,” said Hank Menke, president and CEO of OFS, a furniture company based in Huntingburg, IN.

SouthWings: Conservation Through Aviation

Founded in 1996, SouthWings is a non-profit conservation organization that provides a network of volunteer pilots to advocate for the protection of the ecosystems and biodiversity of the Southeast United States through flight. “The airplane is an immensely useful tool to be able to show ground issues from the air,” said David Moore, aviation director at SouthWings. It’s a perspective changer, and so we hope that these flights create a ripple effect and that one flight can impact thousands of people.”

For McDermott & Bull, Planes = Gains

Rod McDermott, CEO of McDermott & Bull Executive Search, considers business aviation to be an integral part of the company’s success. “I couldn’t accomplish as much as I do without the airplane. Also, much of our business is in remote areas, either underserved or not served by airlines, so the airplane allows me to cover more territory faster than any other mode of transportation,” said Rod McDermott, CEO of McDermott & Bull Executive Search.

No Plane No Gain Marks 10 Years Advocating for Business Aviation’s Value

In February 2009, NBAA and GAMA joined forces to highlight a series of new No Plane No Gain advocacy initiatives. The program, according to the associations, would focus on educating policymakers and opinion leaders about the important contributions from business aviation to cities, companies and communities across the United States. Both associations recently marked the campaign’s 10-year anniversary with an ongoing commitment to the campaign’s effective and multifaceted approach to showcasing the industry’s value.

Clay Lacy Aviation: Nurturing Tomorrow’s Aviation Professionals is Critical to ‘No Plane No Gain’

To Clay Lacy Aviation, ‘No Plane No Gain’ is more than a slogan, it’s a call to action, to demonstrate the importance of business aviation to our nation’s economy and the success of small, medium and large businesses across the United States. “Helping new generations of business aviation professionals has been a foundational mission at Clay Lacy Aviation,” said Clay Lacy CEO Brian Kirkdoffer.

In February, Mayors Recognize Importance of General Aviation, Including Business Aviation

General aviation, including business aviation, is an important contributor to the economy in cities and towns across the country, and in February, the mayors of cities in Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nevada and West Virginia officially recognized the industry for the vital role it plays in their communities. To date, hundreds of local officials from coast to coast have issued similar proclamations.

GAMA Members Give Back to Their Communities

Each year, as part of its annual State of the Industry press conference, GAMA outlines the humanitarian work of its members and highlights the efforts made to help out those in need. In 2018, general aviation manufacturers donated their time and talent to help worthy causes around the country. Learn more about the work of GAMA members on Feb. 20 in Washington, DC, at the association’s annual press conference.