Elected officials want to hear from the people who live and work in their states, districts and towns. People in the business aviation community need to advocate for the industry, to ensure that its importance is understood and its voice is heard. The No Plane No Gain program offers helpful resources for effective grassroots advocacy.

Business Aviation Fact Book

The Business Aviation Fact Book is a broad overview of the industry, with data from the FAA, state economic studies, NASA and industry surveys. Get to know the many missions of business aviation in charts, tables, photos and real-world stories.

The Case for Business Aviation

The Case for Business Aviation provides real-world examples of the indisputable value that business aircraft offer to companies of all sizes, along with proven data points demonstrating how business aviation helps save time, increase productivity and ensure flexibility.

Business Aircraft Trip Value Checklist

Passengers can provide valuable information on how traveling by business aircraft helps them do their job better. This checklist was designed so flight departments can gather data that will help them better inform shareholders and others about how a business aircraft helps their organization succeed.


NBAA and GAMA have authored “one-page” documents, which thoroughly, but concisely explain the essential role business aviation plays for communities, companies and. The documents can be used to educate policymakers, civic leaders or anyone who wants a better understanding of the industry's importance.

Handbook for Policymaker Relationship Building

In developing positions, elected officials listen closely to their constituents, and effective relationships often foster constructive dialogue between lawmakers and their constituents. This resource has tips and tools for building effective relationships with elected officials at the national, state and local level.

Business Leaders on Business Aviation

Updated November 2016, the popular advocacy publication collects the voices of more than 30 CEOs from some of the country’s most dynamic and widely known companies, both large and small, who highlight the value of business aircraft to their organizations.