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For Virginia Company, Business Aviation is Key to Success

Don Banker, founder and Banker Steel of Lynchburg, VA.-based Banker Steel, says the company’s Falcon 900B has been a tremendous asset. “Lynchburg has limited commercial aircraft,” he said. “It’s just a small town. It’s always a spoke, it’s never a hub. We own a Falcon 900B. It’s been a great business tool and it’s a platform for our success.”

From Company’s Roots in 1800s to Today’s Global Network, Business Aviation Has Been Essential

Ohio-based NCR Corporation processes more than 550 million transactions a day, supplying the technology for point-of-sale terminals, ATM machines, travel kiosks and mobile boarding passes around the globe. “A lot of our customers are based in remote places, and the aircraft helps us respond to business opportunities,” said Andrea Ledford, senior vice president of corporate services and chief human resources officer.

Business Aviation Proves Indispensable to Central Business Jets

Minnesota-based Central Business Jets, an aircraft acquisition, sales and fleet-planning specialist, relies on its Cessna 210 to meet clients’ needs. “[Our aircraft] is a necessary tool for our business and for our clients,” said company Vice President Tony Theis.

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