Jan. 13, 2022

The renovation of the original 1929 control tower at Columbus, Ohio’s John Glenn International Airport (CMH) into the non-profit Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame and Learning Center (OAS) took a giant leap forward recently with commitments totaling $225,000 from Ohio-based NetJets and FlightSafety International.

The joint gift will be used to unlock a state matching grant of $550,000, allowing OAS to begin construction on phase one of its plan. When completed, OAS will recognize NetJets as the presenter of its “Founders Walk,” a series of exterior public displays recognizing key leaders that were instrumental in the establishment of Port Columbus Airport in 1929. NetJets was founded at CMH in 1964 as Executive Jet Aviation, and co-founder, the late Air Force Brig. Gen. Paul Tibbets, Jr., will be among the individuals honored at OAS.

Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame and Learning Center (OAS)FSI will be recognized as the named presenter of two flight simulator stations each with two simulators planned for OAS. One station will be available to the public while a second station will serve the aviation-themed science, technology, engineering, arts and math (AvSTEAM) youth learning center housed on the second floor of the OAS.

“With education and continuous learning always top of mind at FSI, we are thrilled to be a part of this exciting endeavor.” said Brad Thress, President and CEO of FlightSafety International.

Adam Johnson, NetJets chairman and CEO added, “We appreciate the opportunity to invest in the Ohio Air & Space organization and hopefully help inspire the next generation of leaders in aviation, right here in our hometown.”

Ohio Air & Space Hall of Fame and Learning Center (OAS)“Our Board of Trustees and I could not be more delighted to have two of the business aviation industry’s leaders, NetJets and FlightSafety International, as our latest sponsors and partners in our mission,” said Ron Kaplan, OAS executive director. “Each company can boast of its own unique and visionary aviation heritage, not only in Ohio but virtually worldwide. Their long-proven legacy of innovation – especially their commitment to developing the people talent that makes it happen – could not be clearer through their generous support of OAS and the education programming it will offer.”

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