Aug. 18, 2023

Officials at the Los-Angeles-based business aviation management and charter company Clay Lacy knew they wanted to help those suffering due to the wildfires in Maui, HI, so the staff came together and to quickly transport critically needed supplies to people in need on the disaster-stricken island.

The company’s Embraer Legacy 600 departed Van Nuys Airport (VNY) Tuesday, Aug. 15 at noon local time and landed in Maui by 3:30 p.m. local time, said Manny Hernandez, flight support manager at Clay Lacy.

That one flight delivered more than 1,200 pounds of supplies to Community Relief Maui. “There’s blankets, body wash, wipes, diapers and formula – things that folks may need right now,” said VNKY Airport Manager Paul Herrera.” The airplane also transported containers to hold 1,000 to-go meals provided to Merriman’s Hawaii Restaurants.

Local news stations have taken note of the essential role the aviation business is playing in the humanitarian airlift – CBS News Radio affiliate KNX-FM and TV news station KTLA-CH5 were both on hand as the Embraer flight got underway.

Maui Humanitarian Relief“We were happy we were able to complete this mission. It was a team, collaborative effort,” said Hernandez. “Anytime there’s a need, we’re here to assist and do what we can to help out.”

Working in a fast-paced industry, where organization and coordination are key, makes it easier for everyone to pull together to help others in times of need, Hernandez noted.

And it’s not only in times of crisis that Clay Lacy employees come together to help, Hernandez noted. The company is involved in all the communities of which they are a part, having participated in airport food drives, promoting sustainability efforts at its facilities or providing scholarships to further the workforce of the future.

Hernandez summed up the day with a reminder of the broad, societal benefits provided by Clay Lacy, and countless others in business aviation: “It’s part of the DNA, part of the culture,” he said. “It’s at the forefront of what we do every day. We are truly a community of people who care.”