March 29, 2022

While business aviation is a safe mode of travel, there are times when an accident results in tragedy, and a family must go forward without a parent. This is the time when a new 501(c)(3) nonprofit called Wings of Love wants to step in and help the children left behind.

The idea for the program came to organization Founder and President Anna Lovelace after her brother and sister-in-law were lost in a small aircraft accident. “I was looking for ways to turn something tragic into something good,” Lovelace said, “and that’s how Wings of Love was born.”

A senior account manager at Universal Weather & Aviation for more than 12 years, Lovelace is joined in the organization by Kristin Gilliam, who serves as vice president/treasurer and Michelle Sacks, the program’s secretary.

After the program is made aware of a family going through the loss of a parent or parents, Wings of Love will determine the need for financial assistance, Lovelace said.

“Many different factors will come into play: how many children are left behind? Are they young and need the financial assistance right away or are they older and perhaps need it to help pay for college? The financial grants will be based on circumstances,” she said. “We will connect with either the family directly or someone working on their behalf and ask how Wings of Love can best help them in this time of need.”

To support Wings of Love as they help families in need, or donate through PayPal, please use the email address: [email protected].

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