Business aviation provides a critical transportation lifeline to thousands of communities all across the U.S. that have little or no airline service. This means that when a company needs to reach clients, manage far-flung facilities, or seek out new opportunities, business aviation isn’t just the most prudent option – it’s often the only option.

For communities far from airline hubs, #bizav is a transportation lifeline.Business aviation helps companies across the U.S. #bizav

Although some 500 airports have limited commercial airline service, almost all airline flights service only 70 major hubs. For the myriad communities in America that are not serviced by these few hubs, there is simply no way to get there without business aviation.

In the last year, more than 100 cities across America saw a decline in scheduled commercial airline service. What’s worse, more than 30 communities lost airline service entirely.

Business aviation allows companies to visit more locations in less time #bizavBusiness aviation can go where the airlines don't #bizav