This monthly newsletter summarizes the most popular and impactful updates from our community.

July 2019 Read more about lawmakers highlighting the industry’s impact on American companies and communities in this month’s ICYMI. Also, learn how the Make-A-Wish Foundation is using business aviation aircraft to grant wishes to seriously ill children. Learn more.
June 2019 This month’s ICYMI, read an op-ed on the effects of business aviation on New Yorkers and the economy, see if your state issued a statement in support of business aviation this month and learn more about the humanitarian efforts taking place. Read this month’s issue.
May 2019 This month’s ICYMI, see what the Florida DOT’s economic impact study says about business aviation, learn how business aviation steps up to help when disaster strikes and see what states issued proclamations of support this month. Learn more.
April 2019 This month’s ICYMI features the Texas Aviation Economic Report and highlights what it says about business aviation in the Lone Star State. Also, read which leaders recognized the industry this month, and learn how business aviation saves lives and increases access to critical healthcare services. Learn more.
March 2019 In case you missed it, this month NBAA’s Bolen wrote an op-ed about the industry’s value to Texas and beyond, conservation efforts in the Southeastern U.S. get a boost from a non-profit and an Indiana-based furniture company uses business aviation to attract Fortune 500 clients. Read this month’s issue.
February 2019 In case you missed it, this issue highlights the HERO volunteer pilots that are giving back and helping veterans. In addition, mayors across the country recognized the industry’s importance this month. Finally, we highlights all of the humanitarian work GAMA members have done to help out those in need. Learn more.
January 2019 In case you missed it, this month NPNG featured articles about how business aviation helped the Governor of Idaho of accomplish more in the past year. You will read about a North Carolina economic report examining the economic impacts associated the state’s airports. And finally, read an op-ed on the importance of small airports in rural Mississippi. Read more.
November 2018 In this issue you will hear From John Deere’s first female international captain, see what the latest Harris Poll data says about business aviation and read how Gov. Greg Abbott encourages Texans to learn about business aviation. Learn more.
December 2018 This issue features an op-ed that outlines the importance of business aviation in meeting the healthcare needs of rural Americans. Also, learn how a new airport featuring six purpose-built hangars for business aircraft is helping drive growth plans in northwestern Iowa. And finally, two of Lafayette college’s alums tell their school magazine about the value of business aviation. Read this month’s issue.