Business aviation is often on the front line in lending a hand to citizens and communities in times of crisis. Through volunteer organizations like Angel Flight, Air Care Alliance and Corporate Aircraft Responding in Emergencies, companies and pilots regularly provide life-saving services to people in hard-to-reach communities around the globe.

These missions include:

  • Disaster relief – shipping food, medicine and clothing to people in need
  • Life-flight service – transporting terminally-ill patients for life-saving medical procedures
  • Emergency organ, blood and serum transfers
  • Volunteer transportation for U.S. Military Soldiers, Red Cross and National Guard units
Business aviation often lends a hand in times of crisis .#bizav
Business aviation pilots use their flying skills for the greater good #bizav

Volunteer pilots fly over 118,000 hours a year on charitable and medical missions.

These disaster relief missions include shipping food, medicine and clothing where it’s needed most, transporting patients for life-saving medical procedure, emergency organ, blood and serum transfers, and volunteer transportation for the Red Cross and National Guard units.