In support of the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign, NBAA and GAMA have commissioned a host of studies, surveys and other resources for the people in business aviation to communicate the industry’s value to policymakers, opinion leaders, media organizations and others. The resources below provide factual information, in a variety of formats, for explaining the critical role of business aviation in creating jobs, promoting economic growth, helping companies succeed and providing assistance to people in need.

Advocacy Resources

Grassroots advocacy by the people in the business aviation community is fundamental to ensuring the industry’s value is understood and appreciated by elected officials and other civic leaders at the local, state and national level. A number of No Plane No Gain advocacy resources have been developed to help people in the industry effectively build relationships and have their voices heard among policymakers and other decision-makers.

Media Resources

When the media mischaracterizes business aviation, make your voice heard. When news organizations, radio talk shows, Internet web sites or other outlets produce misstatements or mischaracterizations, some simple tools can be used to correct the misinformation. This web site provides sample opinion pieces, letters that can be sent to newspaper editors and points for giving televised interviews.


Studies, surveys and other reports provide a data-driven means for people in business aviation to illustrate the many ways the industry serves citizens, companies and communities. These studies and surveys demonstrate the industry’s essential role in America today.


The use of paid advertising to highlight the value of business aviation is an important, ongoing element of the No Plane No Gain program. Since the campaign’s launch in 2009, NBAA and GAMA have placed advertisements with newspapers, television outlets, websites and other broadcast channels in Washington, DC and across the country, in order to reach policymakers and opinion leaders at the national and local levels.


Business aviation is essential to citizens, companies and communities across the U.S. It is vital to job creation, to business efficiency and productivity, to keeping communities connected with each other and the world, and to supporting worthy humanitarian endeavors. Explaining the industry’s value in these areas can be done not only through words, but through illustrative imagery. Share these infographics via Facebook and Twitter.


You can show your support for business aviation by proudly displaying the No Plane No Gain logo on your company’s website and printed materials, or by posting a No Plane No Gain banner ad on your home page.


No Plane No Gain’s social media campaign, entitled “Business Aviation Works,” features compelling photos that capture the industry’s importance to companies, communities and citizens across the country. No Plane No Gain encourages everyone to post on social media their own reasons why #BizAvWorks, or share our graphics with your followers.

Presentation Download

NBAA and GAMA have created a brief and informative slide deck for anyone in the industry to explain what business aviation is and does to a general audience. The Business Aviation: It Works For America multimedia presentation uses facts, videos, and imagery to show the variety of people working in business aviation – and the many ways companies and communities rely on the industry every day.

Videos: Facts About Business Aviation

Business aviation plays a vital role for citizens, companies and communities across the U.S. From the smallest towns to the largest cities, business aviation employment plays an important role in regional and state economies. Watch our videos on the importance of business aviation and share them on social media.