Business aviation is essential to citizens, companies and communities across the U.S. It is vital to job creation, to business efficiency and productivity, to keeping communities connected with each other and the world, and to supporting worthy humanitarian endeavors. Explaining the industry’s value in these areas can be done not only through words, but through illustrative imagery. The infographics below provide some examples. Share these infographics via Facebook and Twitter.

Business aviation means jobs: over 1 million in America #bizavBusiness aviation often lends a hand in times of crisis #bizavBusiness aircraft travel is time well spent #bizavBusiness aviation allows companies to visit more locations in less time #bizavSmall airplanes are a big part of business aviation #bizavBusiness aviation is an economic engine for America #bizavFor communities far from airline hubs, #bizav is a transportation lifelineBusiness aircraft and the best brands go handĀ­inĀ­hand. #bizavBusiness aircraft help make companies great places to work. #bizavFor communities far from airline hubs, #bizav is a transportation lifeline#Bizav is a critical transportation lifeline to unities across the U.S.How many admired companies use #bizav? Almost all of them.Business aviation pilots use their flying skills for the greater good #bizavBusiness aviation can go where the airlines don't #bizavMost business aircraft operators have only one aircraft #bizavBusiness aviation is used by more than just top management #bizavMany small companies use business aviation to help their companies #bizav