Dec. 14, 2014

A proposed aviation-focused license plate aims to raise awareness of the significant and positive impact aviation, including business aviation, has on the state of Colorado.

The plate is sponsored by the Support Colorado Aviation Project, which is a collaboration of several state aviation groups, including the Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA), and the Colorado Department of Transportation’s Division of Aeronautics.

The coalition recently obtained more than the 3,000 signatures needed to petition for the license plate. Next, the group plans to secure support from a state lawmaker to back the required legislation to make the plate a reality in 2017.

“Any opportunity to advance aviation’s visibility in a positive manner is appreciated,” said Steve Hadley, NBAA’s Southwest regional representative and director of regional programs. “We applaud CABA and the other organizations’ efforts to promote general aviation, which is a big economic driver in Colorado.”

Aviation contributes $2.4 billion to Colorado’s economy, supporting more than 265,000 jobs. The state is home to 74 public-use airports which serve more than 17,000 pilots and over 5,00 general aviation aircraft. Only 14 of Colorado’s airports are categorized as commercial service airports, demonstrating the important role general aviation plays in the state’s transportation system.

Centennial Airport, just outside of Denver, is the largest general aviation airport in the state and contributes $1.3 billion to the state’s economy annually.

The plate, if approved by state lawmakers, will be available to any Colorado resident with a registered vehicle in the state for a one-time fee of $50 – $25 to cover state fees, and $25 to cover the Highway User Tax Fund.

Supporters are hopeful the plate will be available in January 2018.   

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Aviation groups in Washington state also are pushing for a new aviation license plate to raise awareness and funds to support aviation and public-use airports in that state. Learn more about the proposed Washington license plate.