Nov. 30, 2016

A license plate recognizing the value of aviation, including business aviation, could soon be a new option for Washington state vehicle owners.

The Washington State Aviation License Plate, sponsored by the Washington State Department of Transportation‘s Aviation Division, is a collaborative effort by several aviation organizations represented by the Washington State Aviation Alliance. The National Business Aviation Association (NBAA) and the Pacific Northwest Business Aviation Association are part of the alliance. Learn more about the Washington State Aviation Alliance.

The goal of this specialty plate is to highlight the importance of the state’s aviation system, and raise funds to support aviation and public-use airports in Washington.

“NBAA encourages our members in Washington to support this initiative, which not only raises awareness of the state aviation system, but would also provide additional funding for the infrastructure of vital public-use airports in the state,” said Kristi Ivey, NBAA’s Northwest regional representative. “Aviation in the state of Washington has strengthened over the past few years because of the collaboration within the Washington State Aviation Alliance, and the Washington State Department of Transportation‘s Aviation Division.”

The anticipated one-time cost for the aviation plate would be $40. Of that fee, $12 would cover vehicle licensing fees, and the remaining $28 would support aviation-specific initiatives such as:

  • Airport infrastructure improvements to support statewide disaster response and recovery operations (examples: wildland fires, earthquake, landslide response).
  • Economic development opportunities to enhance public access to airports, such as informational kiosks.
  • Statewide aviation awareness programs that promote public participation at airports.

A minimum of 3,500 signatures are needed by Jan. 1 before the specialty license plate can be considered by state Legislature. As of Nov. 29, more than 4,000 signatures had been recorded. The more signatures received, the more likely it is the bill is considered by the Legislature.

If approved by state lawmakers, the plates could be available next summer.

View the petition in support of the aviation license plate.

In June, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee recognized the value general aviation, including business aviation, brings to the state, by issuing a proclamation. Washington is home to a diverse aviation system, with 135 public-use airports ranging in size and purpose.