Dec. 15, 2016

The city of DeKalb, IL, home of the DeKalb Taylor Municipal Airport (DKB), will use the No Plane No Gain “Business Aviation: Working for America” video on its local government access channel to educate residents about the value the airport brings to the region, including jobs, economic opportunities and emergency relief.

The video demonstrates the importance of an airport to the local communities across the United States. View the No Plane No Gain videos.

“Many of our local residents are unaware of how the airport actually benefits the city as a whole,” said Jeff Birtell, managing producer of Channel 14. “One of the major aspects of the airport that needs to be explained is the importance it has in the economic development of our community.”


DKB, located about 60 miles west of Chicago, is owned and operated by the city, and was originally a military facility before it was turned over to the city after World War II. It has since evolved from a dirt runway to two paved runways, one equipped with an instrument landing system, and long enough to support some of the largest business aircraft. City and airport officials are actively promoting the airport as an ideal technical stop in the Midwest with facilities and resources appropriate for business aviation.

The airport hosts emergency services and cargo operations, in addition to flight departments and charter operators. A runway extension project and ongoing hangar development will ensure the airport’s continued success.

Earlier this year, airport Manager Tom Cleveland requested 30 copies of NBAA’s Business Aviation Fact Book to distribute to the DeKalb City Council members, senior city officials, airport board members and community members to help highlight the positive impact business aviation has on the city. View NBAA’s Business Aviation Fact Book.

“The business aviation connection makes this town far more successful than it would be without it,” said Birtell, who hopes the video expands the public’s understanding of the benefits the airport brings to the area. “There’s more to the airport than you think.”

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