Dec. 3, 2019

In a recent blog post, global aircraft service provider XO offered the top five benefits of business aviation, based on a recent NBAA survey.

The top reason, the company stated, was flexibility. “Travel for business could be needed at a moment’s notice, or during hours that the commercial hours cannot accommodate. Those surveyed said that more than half of the business aircraft flights they took enabled them to keep business schedules “that could not be met efficiently using the scheduled airlines, or other modes of transportation.”

Another reason that ranked high in the survey, the blog noted, was business aircraft can take a professional more directly to their destination. “Since private jets can fly in and out of regional airports worldwide, they can get you to more locations, and closer to your ultimate destination, than their commercial counter parts,” the blog noted. “That means less time traveling and more time doing business.”

Other top benefits included:

  • Privacy and productivity
  • Supplemental lift
  • Safety and security

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