Sept. 6, 2019

An article published by Business Travel Executive demonstrates how business aviation helps companies operate more efficiently, save time and money and increase employee productivity.

“Our customers know they are buying time and success,” said Greg Raiff, CEO of Private Jet Services Group. “Business aviation is a gateway to efficiency and productivity that flows straight to the bottom line.”

Business aviation provides access to communities across the U.S. that have little or no airline service. This means that when a company needs to reach clients, manage far-flung facilities or seek out new opportunities, business aviation is often the only viable option.

“Business aviation includes a 15-minute walk from car door to a flight scheduled at the passenger’s convenience,” the article states. “Business aviation travelers also have access to the 5,000 airports that could be far closer to the actual destination.”

In addition to the saved time and money, business aircraft provide a secure safe for employees to work while in the air.

“Business aircraft are designed as airborne offices with connectivity equal to that on the ground. That means they can stay connected to their office and clients and put in high-productivity work time. The privacy keeps prying eyes and ears away when colleagues are discussing sensitive issues or working on confidential materials.”

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