Leavitt Group

Cedar City, UT-based Leavitt Group, the 10th largest privately owned insurance broker in the United States, utilizes its HondaJet to reach customers and prospects around the country – often making many stops in one day.

“In a three-day trip, we can hit five or six states, and see seven or more agencies,” said Mark Leavitt, affiliation director of the Leavitt Group.

“The airplane gives us the ability to look at a map and draw a big circle. We’ll make our first stop in Colorado, then go up to the Dakotas, over to Minnesota, Wisconsin, Ohio, and back through Oklahoma on our way home,” he said. “It becomes much more cost-effective and a more valuable use of our time [than traveling by airline].”

There are two commercial flights a day that come into Cedar City, Leavitt noted, adding the company does utilize those, but it’s not enough to meet their customers’ needs.

“If you need to be somewhere you can’t take the day that it takes to get there,” he said. ”[Business aviation] gives you the capacity to be where you need to be at any given time.”