Utah Business Insurance Company

Salt Lake City, UT

Utah Business Insurance Company President and CEO Ron Nielsen appreciates the value a business airplane provides, and doesn’t mind telling the world about it.

In a recent article in the Salt Lake City Deseret News, Nielsen explained that his company prides itself on a high level of service, and quick and consistent communication, as well as in-person meetings with clients.

“We have one critical tool that most people would not think of that makes all of this possible and helps us stay efficient and competitive – an airplane,” said Nielsen. “It saves the company money and valuable time during the work week, sets us apart from our competitors and helps us follow up with networking opportunities throughout the country.”

When a serious accident involving a worker occurs, Nielsen and his workers compensation specialists must conduct an immediate survey of the accident site, which is often 100 miles or more from any airport with airline service. There is, however, almost always a smaller general aviation airport within just a few miles of most accident sites.

Nielsen points out that the company’s airplane sets Utah Business Insurance Company apart from competitors and enables employees to meet with clients quicker, deal with situations faster and waste no time getting back to the office where work is piling up.

“I’ll bet our company aircraft saves us well over $200,000 or $300,000 a year in lost time, in additional productivity and in value to our shareholders,” he says. “If Utah Business Insurance Company did not have a company airplane, we would not be in the financially advantageous position we are in.”