Sept. 27, 2017

The governors of Connecticut, Kansas and Maryland released proclamations this month highlighting the value that general aviation, including business aviation, brings to their states. Mayors from Alaska to Connecticut also released proclamations in September, which underscores the importance of the industry across the country.


“General aviation and community airports play a critical role in the lives of our citizens, as well as in the operation of our businesses and farms,” wrote Connecticut Gov. Dannel Malloy. “Many communities in Connecticut depend heavily on general aviation and community airports for the continued flow of commerce, tourists and visitors to our state.”

Connecticut is home to 23 public-use airports serving 4,800 FAA-certified pilots.

View the Connecticut proclamation. (PDF)


Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback wrote about his state’s “great aviation history” in his proclamation, adding, “Kansas is home to numerous businesses, big and small, who serve a vital role in the aviation industry. General aviation and community airports are important to Kansas’s businesses supporting commerce, attracting visitors and contributing more than $20.6 billion annually to the state’s economy.”

Kansas, he noted, places a high importance on STEM education and aviation careers to support the workforce needs of the state. The state, Brownback added, also has embraced new technologies in unmanned aircraft systems to enhance operations, public safety and economic development.

View the Kansas proclamation. (PDF)


A recently released Maryland Economic Impact of Airports study found that general aviation airports in Maryland support more than $865 million in business-generated revenue, Gov. Larry Hogan wrote in his proclamation.

“The state of Maryland has 345 public-use general aviation airports, serving 7,677 pilots and 2,284 active general aviation airport,” he wrote. “General aviation airports support 6,317 jobs across the state.”

View the Maryland proclamation. (PDF)

Other September proclamations include: