March 5, 2019

Founded in 1996, SouthWings is a non-profit conservation organization that provides a network of volunteer pilots to advocate for the restoration and protection of the ecosystems and biodiversity of the Southeast United States through flight.

The group’s work directly benefits conservation non-profits, from grassroots groups to national organizations; elected officials/policy makers; and members of the media.

“The airplane is an immensely useful tool to be able to show ground issues from the air. It’s a perspective changer, and so we hope that these flights create a ripple effect and that one flight can impact thousands of people,” said David Moore, aviation director at SouthWings. “We use the flight experience as a means of discovering solutions, not just pointing out what’s wrong.”

SouthWings is based in Asheville, NC with offices in Norfolk, VA and New Orleans, LA. The organization relies on pilots’ access to aircraft to complete more than 100 flights each year. SouthWings is also part of the Air Care Alliance – a non-profit, public benefit organization designed to work with other charitable aviation associations.

“We promote environmental conservation through flight. We’re getting people up in the air who need to see or document environmental issues that you can’t see from the ground,” said Moore. “All of this flight work is being accomplished via our strong network of volunteer pilots – amazing folks.”

SouthWings is always looking for volunteer pilots. Interested individuals should visit SouthWings’ website to get involved. Learn more about SouthWings.

View a video about SouthWings.