Aug. 16, 2016

To show support for the aviation industry, including business aviation, South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley proclaimed Aug. 22 to 26 as South Carolina Aviation Week, encouraging residents to recognize “general aviation for its significant contributions to our quality of life and economic growth and stability.”

“Many businesses in our state rely on aviation, both commercial service and general aviation airports, for the efficient transportation of people and goods,” Haley wrote, noting that South Carolina is home to 59 general aviation airports.

“Airports support and assist South Carolina in many ways, including recreational flying, providing a gateway to communities and tourist attractions, accommodating agricultural spraying, support air cargo and air freight shipments, helping law enforcement, supporting the military and its operations, providing access in times of emergency and supporting medical needs and the medical profession,” the proclamation reads.

There are more than 100 aerospace-related companies in the state, and aviation is a “multi-billion dollar industry,” in South Carolina. The industry supports more than 70,000 jobs.

View the full South Carolina proclamation. (PDF)

In addition to a state proclamation, many local officials in South Carolina issued their own statements in support of the industry, and proclaimed Aug. 17 to 23 as General Aviation Week. They are:

Local and state officials in every state have issued proclamations affirmed the value of general aviation, including business aviation.