July 5, 2017

When general aviation flights rise to the level of “critical,” they become more dependent on a stable public airspace system. These flights are flown by air medical transport services, such as REVA Air Ambulance, and that’s why REVA is a strong supporter of business aviation and embraces the No Plane, No Gain advocacy campaign.

“REVA’s management team, mechanics and nearly all our pilots are wearing the [No Plane No Gain] pins,” said Dawn Cerbone, REVA’s senior vice president, sales and marketing. “They prompt people to ask what ‘No Plane No Gain’ means, which gives us an opportunity to describe how business aviation benefits the public and is so important to our economy.”

REVA has more than 300 employees based in the U.S. and has flown more than 25,000 combined successful patient transport missions worldwide by working with industry partners to expand their reach.

Cerbone described one of REVA’s many transports to illustrate the importance of the industry.

“REVA was asked to move a patient and his wife from Buenos Aires, Argentina to Sydney, Australia, a mission with the unique requirement for an aircraft to cross over the entire South Pacific Ocean with a total flight time over 21 hours,” she said. “The industry-standard air ambulance aircraft is a Learjet 35 with approximately four hours of flight time before refueling. So REVA’s Operations Center personnel secured a Global Express 6000, which required only one fuel stop in Tahiti, before delivering the patient and his wife safely home on Australian soil.”

REVA: No Plane No Gain Pins Start Conversations About Business Aviation

Business aviation is an integral part of TEVA’s operations, said Cerbone. “On a daily basis, we touch every facet of the aviation industry, from FBO services, maintenance providers and engine suppliers to paint and interior shops.

“Business aviation generates tremendous economic impact and provides many critical services such as air ambulance,” she added. “We often utilize smaller airports not serviced by the commercial airlines, primarily on our U.S. and Caribbean medical transports. This cuts down on ground transport time to get our patients to the next care facility.”

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