Business Aviation Fact Book

The Business Aviation Fact Book is a broad overview of the industry – a shareable resource designed for professionals and advocates as well as newcomers, the general public and civic leaders.

Grounded in data from the FAA, state economic studies, NASA and industry surveys, the Business Aviation Fact Book covers the companies of all sizes using business airplanes, and the one million people employed across the industry.

Get to know the many missions of business aviation, in charts, tables, photos and real-world stories.

Review the Table of Contents

  • Section 1: What Is Business Aviation?
  • Section 2: Over A Million Jobs
  • Section 3: Enhanced Productivity
  • Section 4: Lifeline For Communities
  • Section 5: Humanitarian Support
  • Section 6: Safety and Security
  • Section 7: Sustainability
  • Section 7: New and Emerging Tech
  • Industry Resources

Download the Business Aviation Fact Book

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