July 25, 2017

The Port of South Louisiana Executive Regional Airport (APS), with its 5,150-foot runway, new 8,000-square-foot hangar and recently remodeled terminal, supports dozens of industries based at the nearby Port of South Louisiana on the Mississippi River.

“Business aviation makes a significant impact on the region,” said Paul Aucoin, executive director for the Port of South Louisiana. “Word is getting out about how convenient it is to use this airport, which is located between Baton Rouge and New Orleans. Passengers doing business in the area can land here and have a meeting at the airport’s meeting room or at nearby businesses without dealing with the traffic of the cities.”

The airport is located next to the Port of South Louisiana, the largest tonnage port in the United States. Not only does that port support oil, petrochemical and other industries, but it also is home to seven large grain elevators. Grain grown in the Midwest is transported by barge to the area first and then to more than 90 countries. Aucoin says the airport helps all industries based at the port thrive.

In addition, the airport sponsors or supports a number of community activities. The airport recently hosted the first St. John the Baptist Parish Aviation Awareness Day, which introduced more than 200 young people to aviation and gave many of them their first airplane ride. The airport also recently hosted a successful event with Pilots-n-Paws, an all-volunteer flying organization that arranges transportation for shelter animals to new homes.

Aucoin expects the airport to continue to be a critical part of local and regional business growth, as $23 billion in new industry is expected in the port area in the coming years.

According to a study by the Louisiana Department of Transportation, aviation has a $6.75 billion overall impact on the state and provides nearly 59,000 jobs.

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