Nov. 20, 2018

The Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission, in partnership with the Oklahoma Airport Operators Association (OAOA), will host the second annual Oklahoma Women in Aviation & Aerospace Day event on Dec. 6 at the BizJet hangar at the Tulsa International Airport.

The event will provide attendees with an opportunity to learn more about the future of the industry in the state, and how aviation professionals can advocate on behalf of aviation and aerospace for young girls and women to pursue aviation interests.

“I am honored to be leading an event that recognizes the amazing work of women in aviation within the state,” said Kristy Slater, general aviation manager at Wiley Post Airport and the 2018 Oklahoma Women in Aviation and Aerospace Day event chair for OAOA. “Today’s leaders are showing young women of all ages that the aviation and aerospace industry offers exciting opportunities ahead.”

This year’s event will highlight Jennifer Wise and Nan Gaylord, two trailblazing aviators from the Tulsa community. Both Wise and Gaylord are FAA designated pilot examiners and fulfill critical roles in today’s air transportation environment.

“I could not be more pleased to see OAOA and Tulsa International Airport take on the task of continuing to commemorate the contributions of women to aviation and aerospace,” said Victor Bird, director of the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission. “The scholarships and community involvement surrounding the event will help spark aviation and aerospace interest in young women. We have a pilot shortage, and a need for a competent workforce to keep the state’s second-largest economic engine operating.”

Oklahoma Women in Aviation and Aerospace Day was enacted in 2017 to honor Eula Pearl Carter Scott, along with all women pilots, and aviation and aerospace professionals. Pearl learned to fly at the age of 13 under legendary aviator Wiley Post. She became the youngest pilot in the United States with her first solo flight in 1929.

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