Oklahoma Aviation & Aerospace Day Features No Plane No Gain Materials

Feb. 10, 2016

NBAA, with the help of No Plane No Gain resources, highlighted the benefits of business aviation at the Oklahoma Aviation & Aerospace Day on Feb. 10. The event, held at the state Capitol in Oklahoma City, is meant to demonstrate the positive impact of aviation and aerospace in the state of Oklahoma.

Aviation and aerospace contributes more than 120,000 direct and indirect jobs, and more than $12.5 billion in economic impact to the state. Oklahoma is home to 110 public airports, and is recognized as one of the seven centers in the world for the maintenance, repair and overhaul of aircraft.

“Our goal for the Oklahoma Aviation & Aerospace Day is to ensure that our state leadership knows the importance of aerospace and aviation in our state,” said Grayson Ardies, aviation program manager for the Oklahoma Aeronautics Commission. “Aerospace and defense is one of Oklahoma’s five economic engines. This event helps showcase the importance of aviation to our state Legislature.”

Aviation days provide an invaluable opportunity for the aviation industry and its advocates to share the value of business aviation with legislators and their staff members.

“NBAA appreciates these opportunities to demonstrate to state leaders the positive impact the business aviation industry has on their state’s economy,” said Steve Hadley, NBAA’s director of regional programs, who attended the event.

NBAA and GAMA encourage the business aviation community to share No Plane No Gain advocacy materials, which are available on the No Plane No Gain website. Review No Plane No Gain resources.