March 15, 2017

Sean Kerr, a jet charter consultant with on-demand, global charter company Victor, said many people in the aviation industry wear lapel pins, but the No Plane No Gain pins can serve as conversation starters about the benefits of business aviation.

“Often these pins are of aircraft and helicopters, and not conversation starters because they’re self-explanatory – they simply make is clear that the person wearing them supports aviation,” said Kerr. “No Plane No Gain advocacy pins are different, automatically prompting others to ask what they mean. The resulting conversation is an opportunity to highlight our industry’s efforts to promote aviation as an essential tool of business.

“More than that, it allows us to raise awareness of the various people and processes that make seamless business charter possible,” he added.

Kerr is helping circulate No Plane No Gain pins to Victor’s international, 24/7 team based at its London headquarters, and operational centers in New York, California and Germany; as well as to a number of partners and consultants that the fast-growing disruptor is working with.

The Victor team will, in turn, share the pins as part of its regular communication with charter customers. Many business fliers are focused on the immediate contributions of business aviation; they won’t necessarily notice the “cogs on the sprocket” that make that charter so economical and effective. Victor’s regular outreach will help shine a light on the unseen infrastructure driving their service.

“All of this not only raises customer awareness of business aviation’s meaningful contribution to their corporate life, but to the wider global economy as a whole,” Kerr said.

NBAA members may order complimentary No Plane No Gain lapel pins from the NBAA Publications Store (password required). Non-members may request pins at [email protected].

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