March 21, 2017

The Delaware River and Bay Authority (DRBA) recently announced two new tenants at the Cape May Airport (WWD) Industrial Park in Lower Township, NJ, further strengthening the value of the non-towered facility to the local community.

“Local interest and business activity continues to exceed our expectations, as both the county and DRBA invest in the development of the Cape May Airport,” said Victor Ferzetti, chief financial officer for the DRBA. “We’re now looking at future development options at the airport.”

The tenants will each fill 1,500 square feet of the 15,000-square-foot light industrial building, which was constructed by DRBA beginning in June 2016. The additional leases are in addition to four previous leases, totaling 7,500 square feet, which were authorized last month.

One of the two newly leased spaces will be used by Aerodrome, a commercial video production studio and events space. The second lease was signed by the county of Cape May to operate an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV) incubator space for the development of small businesses and new technologies related to UAVs.

“The DRBA, Cape May County and Lower Township have worked collaboratively to develop a promising master plan for Cape May Airport, designating areas at the airport for various purposes – including industrial, retail, aviation and governmental uses,” said DRBA Executive Director Thomas Cook.

“Significant investments are being made by the county and the DRBA in order for the airport to progress toward a vision of renewed activity, productivity and opportunity,” Cook added. “Because of this great working relationship, everyone is focused on creating an environment conducive for businesses of all types to be successful. As evidenced by this initial construction project, our teamwork approach is producing results at Cape May Airport.”

Cape May Airport has four runways with RNAV, LOC and VOR-A approaches, and a full-service FBO. The airport logs approximately 39,000 airplane and helicopter operations each year, primarily during the peak travel months of May through September.

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