April 5, 2021

For more than 20 years, the philanthropic partnership between the Corporate Angel Network (CAN) and NetJets has been helping CAN fly cancer patients to treatment on business aviation aircraft.

Now, NetJets is offering a new 25-hour NetJets Corporate Angel Card, with one additional flight hour donated to CAN for each card purchased.

Between 2018 and 2020, the CAN/NetJets partnership resulted in the donation of 180 flights. And last year during the pandemic, more than 200 owner flight hours were donated, including 50 hours matched by NetJets, which helped CAN complete over 900 flights for more than 300 patients.

“We’re thrilled to continue our relationship with Corporate Angel Network through our Corporate Angel Card,” said Pat Gallagher, president of sales, marketing and service. “It’s an excellent cause that is close to the hearts of our owners and NetJets as a whole, and the partnership helps us further our commitments to the greater good through our philanthropic and sustainability pledges.”

CAN PatientCAN’s partnership with NetJets is a perfect example of how business aviation ‘gives back’ to these cancer patients in need.

“We work with corporate flight departments, and require all aircraft to be pressurized and flown with two pilots,” said Samantha Lohse, director, programs and services for CAN. “We have over 500 corporations in our network, including half of the Fortune 100, who have helped us to complete 64,000 patient flights since 1981.”

In 2020, like everyone in business aviation, CAN needed to develop protocols during the pandemic to protect their patients, many with compromised immune systems.

“Flying [business aircraft] has always been the safest, most efficient way for cancer patients to travel as it limits their exposure to germs and potential diseases,” Lohse said. “This pandemic has only heightened that risk and perhaps given us all a small insight into what these patients face. When traveling with NetJets or another CAN partner, all patients are required to wear masks on board and follow all flight department protocols for social distancing on board or other requirements before boarding.”

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