Gary Coxe, entrepreneur, business and life strategist and author, uses his passion for aviation to benefit both his business and his community.

Coxe is a pilot and certified flight instructor with both fixed wing and helicopter ratings, and more than 5,000 hours of flight time. He owns an Aztec, flies a Lear 31 and also leases a Citation, all of which he uses for business purposes, for example, flying himself and his staff to and from speaking engagements.

Coxe credits the efficiency and flexibility of business aviation for his ability to conduct more than 100 live presentations and TV recordings a year, including appearances on CNBC’s The Big Idea.

With business aviation, “I can take my staff with me to speaking arrangements and if an engagement runs late, we don’t miss our flight – we just leave later,” he said.

In addition to using the aircraft for business purposes, Coxe has been involved with Angel Flight organizations for more than 15 years. For Coxe, Angel Flight missions are both emotional and gratifying, adding there are some missions, like a flight with a young girl with a form of eye cancer, that he will never forget.

“Flying for Angel Flight is a great way to give back,” he said. “Angel Flight is a way to use something I enjoy anyway to give back and help people truly in need.”

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