April 5, 2018

In collaboration with the Frankfort/Clinton County Airport Authority, First Wing Jet Center (formerly Montgomery Aviation) announced the opening of a new, 12,000 square-foot, state-of-the-art hangar at Frankfort/Clinton County Municipal Airport (FKR), which is designed to increase access for business travelers and host community events.

“We are excited about this new facility and the commitment the Frankfort/Clinton County community has shown to the continued improvement and investment in their airport infrastructure,” said Sean White, vice president and general manager of First Wing Jet Center. “The new hangar and terminal will provide Frankfort residents and business travelers with first-class accommodations, and increase traffic to and from the airport.

“We’re also excited to provide the community with space to hold meetings, events and more,” he said. “This terminal will benefit the people of Clinton County for years to come.”

The hangar accommodates a variety of business airplanes, and features ground-power plug ins and modern LED lighting. The hangar is adjacent to a new 40,000 square-foot aircraft ramp and de-icing pad, as well as new self-serve 100LL and Jet A fuel farms.

Attached to the hangar, a new terminal featuring conference rooms, office facilities, pilots’ accommodations and additional event space is scheduled to open late summer/early fall.

“This facility was built to not only increase business opportunities for the airport and store aircraft, it was built to serve as a gathering place for the people of Frankfort,” said Alan Dunn, president of the Frankfort/Clinton County Airport Authority.