Oct. 25, 2018

General aviation, including business aviation, is a vital contributor to the economy in every state, and in October, the governors of Louisiana and West Virginia officially recognized the industry for the important role it plays. The industry’s contributions to the success of citizens and companies across the country has been recognized by governors of every state, and local elected officials in hundreds of communities. Here are the latest examples, from proclamations issued by officials in Louisiana and West Virginia.


“Louisiana has a significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation, aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions and aviation organizations and community airports and airport operators,” Gov. John Bel Edwards wrote in his proclamation.

Louisiana is home to seven general aviation airports, which serve 5,475 pilots and 2,807 general aviation aircraft.

Read the full Louisiana proclamation. (PDF)

West Virginia

According to Gov. Jim Justice, “General aviation and community airports play a critical role in the lives of our citizens, businesses, communities and the state of West Virginia.”

General aviation airports support more than $256 million in economic activity in West Virginia annually. There are 17 public-use general aviation airports in the state, which serve 1,720 pilots and 1,021 active general aviation aircraft and support 5,300 jobs.

Read the full West Virginia proclamation. (PDF)

The following proclamations also were issued this month in West Virginia:

The following local proclamations also were issued this month in Alabama, Idaho and Indiana: