Feb. 13, 2019

General aviation, including business aviation, is an important contributor to the economy in cities and towns across the country, and in February, the mayors of cities in Arizona, Arkansas, Mississippi, Nevada and West Virginia officially recognized the industry for the vital role it plays in their communities. To date, hundreds of local officials from coast to coast have issued similar proclamations.


Chandler, AZ Mayor Kevin Hartke said general aviation and the Chandler Municipal Airport provide essential services including access to medical treatment, disaster relief, firefighting and law enforcement in the community.

“General aviation in Arizona is a thriving economic engine, supporting 6,890 jobs and contributing $609 million annually to the state’s economy,” said Hartke.


Two Arkansas mayors issued proclamations in support of general aviation this month, noting: “the state of Arkansas has a significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation, aircraft manufacturing, aviation educational institutions, aviation organizations and community airports.” More than 77 percent of all annual aircraft operations in Arkansas are attributed to general aviation.


In Mississippi, Crystal Springs Mayor Sally Garland issued a proclamation saying: “General aviation in Mississippi contributes over $488 million to the state’s economy each year.” Mississippi is home to 66 public-use general aviation airports, serving more than 4,000 pilots, five FAA-approved pilot schools, more than 1,000 flight students and more than 650 flight instructors.


Three cities in Nevada issued proclamations recognizing the value of business aviation. The state is home to 45 public-use airports, 33 repair stations and six FAA-approved flight schools, and general aviation contributes more than $1.1 billion to the state’s total economic output annually.

West Virginia

“General aviation and the Eastern West Virginia Regional Airport have an immense economic impact on the city of Martinsburg” said Martinsburg, WV Mayor Geroge Karos.

West Virginia is home to 24 fixed-base operators, 17 general aviation public airports, 11 repair stations and more than 1,000 active general aviation aircraft.