Dec. 11, 2018

General aviation, including business aviation, is a vital economic contributor in cities and towns across the country, and in December city mayors in Florida and Ohio officially recognized the industry for the important role it plays. To date, hundreds of local officials from coast to coast have issued similar proclamations.


Ocala, FL Mayor Kent Guinn said general aviation and the Ocala International Airport have an immense impact on his city.

“General aviation not only supports Florida’s economy, it improves overall quality of life by supporting emergency medical and healthcare services, law enforcement, firefighting and disaster relief, and by transporting business travelers to their destinations quickly and safely,” he wrote.


In Ohio, Zanesville Mayor Jeff Tilton issued a proclamation saying: “The state of Ohio has a significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation, aerospace, aircraft manufacturing, educational institutions and aviation organizations and community airports and airport operators.”

According to the Ohio Department of Transportation Office of Aviation, there are 150 public-use airports, 7,800 registered aircraft and 15,586 pilots in the state.