Aug. 7, 2018

General aviation, including business aviation, is a vital contributor to the economy in every state, and in August, the governors of Montana and South Carolina officially recognized the industry for the important role it plays. Every state, in addition to hundreds of communities throughout the United States, have highlighted general aviation over the years for its contributions to the success of companies and citizens around the country.


“General aviation and community airports play a critical role in the lives of Montanans,” Gov. Steve Bullock wrote in his proclamation, adding that airports in Montana support 23,849 jobs, an annual payroll of more than $838 million and generate more than $2.7 billion for the state’s economy.

Additionally, Montana is also home to 128 public-use airports, serving 3,817 pilots and 2,385 general aircraft, allowing the state to be “better connected and more prosperous,” Bullock wrote.

Read the full Montana proclamation. (PDF)

South Carolina

“Airports support and assist South Carolina in many ways, including recreational flying, providing a gateway to communities and tourist attractions, accommodating agricultural spraying, supporting air cargo and air freight shipments, helping law enforcement, supporting the military and its operations, providing access in times of emergency, and supporting medical needs and the medical profession,” wrote Gov. Henry McMaster.

With more than 400 aerospace-related companies in South Carolina, aviation supports thousands of jobs and contributes millions of dollars each year in tax revenues to state and local governments.

Read the full South Carolina proclamation. (PDF)