Nov. 14, 2019

General aviation, including business aviation, is a vital contributor to the economy in every state, and recently, the governors of West Virginia and Wyoming, along with mayors of cities in several states, officially recognized the industry for its positive impact.

West Virginia

“General aviation in West Virginia supports 5,300 jobs in the state, resulting in $256 million in labor income and contributes to over $1 billion in total economic output,” said Gov. Jim Justice. “General aviation benefits the citizens of West Virginia through corporate, private, charter and air-taxi services, firefighting, public safety, weather and traffic reporting and tourism.”

Review the full West Virginia proclamation. (PDF)


According to the Wyoming Aviation Economic Impact Study, 25 public-use general aviation airports contribute over $73 million in economic impact annually, supports 410 jobs, and as a total payroll of $14.4 million. The state has 1,908 pilots, 1,816 registered aircraft, 33 FBOs and 47 helipads.

“Our nation’s aviation infrastructure represents an important public benefit, and congressional oversight should be in place to ensure that it remains a public system and serves communities of all sizes,” said Gov. Mark Gordon.

Read the full Wyoming proclamation. (PDF)


Five cities in Minnesota issued proclamations during “General Aviation Appreciation Month” in November 2019. The state is home to 135 public-use airports serving 12,890 pilots and 5,679 registered and airworthy aircraft. In total, general aviation contributes $5.3 billion to the state’s economy.


Three mayors in the state issued proclamations highlighting the $966 million in economic impact generated by the state’s 63 public-use airports, 5,531 pilots and 3,914 registered aircraft. A portion of that income came through the state’s 260 heliports serving the offshore oil business in the Gulf of Mexico.


The cities of Tuscaloosa, Montgomery and Decatur highlighted the state’s $3.1 billion in economic impact generated at 77 public-use airports used by 7,708 pilots flying 4,396 aircraft while noting general aviation “transports business travelers to their destinations quickly and safely.”

Other recent proclamations include: