June 28, 2017

For Seth Meyers, a financial planner from Maryland, aviation is more than his passion – it’s an essential business tool.

Meyers earned his pilot’s license in 2004, and said that around 2008, he realized he could combine his love of flying with his business.

“I realized with all the traveling I was doing [for work], it made sense for me to have a better way to get back and forth, and it was a great way to combine my passion for aviation and use the aircraft as a tool,” he said.

The aircraft, he said, gives him an advantage. For example, if he needs to travel to Pittsburgh to meet with clients, driving from his suburban Washington, DC home would take about four hours without traffic. Flying commercially would take about four to five hours, he estimated.

Seth Meyers Interview

“If I fly myself, it’s an hour and 40 minutes total,” he said, adding that means door-to-door, with flight time being about 50 minutes.

“That means getting there that morning, having meetings, seeing who I need to see, then being back that night to be home with my family. It’s a time machine, it’s a time saver.”

Meyers, an NBAA member, recently spoke with a local television station about the benefits of business aviation, during a week in which President Trump discussed proposals that would impact business aviation, as part of an overall focus on infrastructure planning.