Sept. 4, 2019

An article published by Magellan Jets demonstrates the critical need for business aircraft, citing NBAA statistics on employee productivity.

“’While executives are productive 30 percent of the time while on a commercial carrier, they are found to be productive about 80 percent of the time they are traveling on a company aircraft,’ per report from the National Business Aviation Association (NBAA).

“As the business world grows increasingly competitive, and highly skilled employees are presented with more and more enticing options, corporations invest in the use of private jets in order to stay on the cutting edge,” the article states. “However, owning a fleet of jets is no longer necessary with today’s varied options when it comes to chartering, fractional ownership and memberships.” In fact, 62 percent of companies that use business aviation own just one aircraft.

Companies that make use of business aviation also enjoy the flexibility to travel to destinations at the time that is needed for business purposes.

“Travelers can stipulate exactly when, where, and even how they wish to fly, rather than being subject to whatever routes and schedules the airlines decide to offer.”

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