Communities Across the Country Find Value in General Aviation

March 31, 2016

Local officials from across the country – from Massachusetts to Missouri – are the latest to show their support for general aviation, including business aviation. To date, more than 300 local officials, as well as top lawmakers from every state, have issued proclamations expressing their support of the industry.

Here are the latest proclamations:

• Alexandria, LA Mayor Jacques Roy noted that Esler Regional Airport has a large impact on his community, and Louisiana is home to 62 public-use general aviation airports, which serve more than 5,600 pilots and more than 3,200 active general aviation aircraft. Read the Alexandria proclamation. (PDF)

• Susan Haynie, mayor of Boca Raton, FL, said her city has a “significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation, aircraft manufacturing, aviation educational institutions, aviation organizations and community airports.” Read the Boca Raton proclamation. (PDF)

• Branson, MO Mayor Karen Best noted that Branson and Ozark Mountain Country are “fortunate” to have several options available for general aviation. “These airports provide a vital service to our region, and we are proud of the excellent customer service they deliver to our citizens, businesses and visitors,” she said. Read the Branson proclamation. (PDF)

• New Smyrna Beach, FL Mayor James Hathaway said the airport in his community – New Smyrna Beach Municipal Airport – has an “immense economic impact” on his city. He also noted that his state’s community airports accommodate more than 9 million visitors and business travelers annually. Read the New Smyrna Beach proclamation. (PDF)

• Terill Hill, mayor of Palatka, FL, said that with 108 general aviation airports, Florida continues to meet the growing demand for air service. More than 8.5 percent of Florida’s gross state product results from businesses dependent upon aviation, he noted. Read the Palatka proclamation. (PDF)

• Pittsfield, MA Mayor Linda Tyer said that her state is home to 30 public-use general aviation airports, which serve nearly 8,000 pilots and more than 2,600 active general aviation aircraft. “General aviation not only supports Massachusetts’ economy, it improves overall quality of life,” she said. Read the Pittsfield proclamation. (PDF)

• Zephyrhills, FL Mayor Gene Whitfield noted general aviation’s importance to his state and the country in his proclamation. “The nation’s aviation infrastructure represents an important public benefit, and congressional oversight should be in place to ensure stable funding of this system.” Read the Zephyrhills proclamation. (PDF)