Feb. 22, 2021

When the 2021 Colorado Legislature’s session opened Feb. 16, it included a new General Aviation Caucus to educate legislators on the importance of general aviation in the state. The caucus will be chaired by Rep. Alex Valdez (D-Denver) and Minority Leader Hugh McKean (R-Loveland), both of whom have strong personal connections to aviation.

“As a pilot and aviation enthusiast, I am excited about the opportunity to introduce my fellow legislators to the vitally important world of aviation,” said Valdez. “I hope to be able to help stress the importance of introducing our younger generations to the opportunities aviation affords. I’m excited to be a partner up at the statehouse to make general aviation better in the state of Colorado.”

Among the concerns for Colorado business aviation professionals and companies is the possible re-introduction of a 5-cents-per-gallon fuel tax on the approximately 60 million gallons of aviation fuel pumped each year in the state. In 2020, CABA stakeholders were successful in having a provision removed from a bill that would have added $3 million to aviation costs.

“As NBAA and our stakeholders have witnessed and experienced firsthand in other states, the development of general aviation caucuses in state legislatures creates a vital educational pathway for elected officials to learn about the value of this industry and the impact we can have on the economy and jobs within their respective states,” said Kristi Ivey, CAM, NBAA northern mountain regional representative.

“NBAA applauds Colorado Aviation Business Association (CABA) leadership and the state legislators for affirming the value of general aviation in the state of Colorado,” she added.

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