Dec. 14, 2018

As the home of the world’s largest retardant base, Sacramento McClellan Airport (MCC) is raising money to support the Red Cross’s work assisting the thousands of individuals affected by the recent Camp Fire. While MCC was not directly impacted by the fire, the FBO stepped up to support firefighting efforts.

“We’ve been a huge part of the suppression of these fires, especially in the northern part of the state,” said Scott Owens, executive vice president and COO of Sacramento McClellan Airport and McClellan Jet Services.

The airport followed suit of its parent company, which did a similar Red Cross fundraiser after the Napa and Sonoma fires in 2017. “What struck me this time is that there’s not a lot of wealth in Paradise. You could see that a lot of the people impacted were quite elderly,” said Owens. “We really wanted to pitch in and do something to help.”

When the FBO went into business Sept. 15, 2001, it had no private aviation. Today, MCC is the largest privately owned, public-use general aviation airfield in Northern California, supporting 50,000 operations a year, creating 16,000 jobs in the community and providing tax revenue for the state

McClellan is located in Sacramento County, 10 miles from downtown Sacramento. Formerly the site of McClellan Air Force Base, the airport is part of one of the largest economic development and infill reuse projects in Northern California: McClellan Business Park.

Support the relief efforts.

California Airport Supports Red Cross Relief Efforts After Camp Fire