Sept. 20, 2016

State and local officials across the county continue to recognize the value of general aviation, including business aviation to their regions.

Earlier this month, Maine Gov. Paul LePage released a letter calling general aviation “a vital strategic resource to the state of Maine and the resources they provide to the people of Maine, as well as our nation.”

There are 70 public-use airports in Maine, serving 2,430 pilots and 1,188 active general aviation aircraft, according to the FAA. General aviation supports more than 1,500 jobs and a payroll of $39.4 million annually in the state.

Read LePage’s full letter. (PDF)

Also issuing proclamations this month were:

  • Big Rapids, MI Mayor Mark Warba, who said local Roben-Hood Airport (WBR) has an “immense economic pact on the city of Big Rapids.” View the Big Rapids proclamation. (PDF)
  • Geri McCaleb, mayor of Grand Haven, MI, said Michigan is home to 215 public-use, general aviation airports, which service more than 14,000 pilots and 5,663 general aviation aircraft. View the Grand Haven proclamation. (PDF)
  • New London, CT Mayor Michael Passero said, “General aviation not only supports Connecticut’s economy, it improves overall quality of life.” View the New London proclamation. (PDF)
  • Richard Meehan, mayor of Ocean City, MD, said his city has a “significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation, aircraft manufacturing, aviation educational institutions, aviation organizations and community airports.” View the Ocean City proclamation. (PDF)

To date, hundreds of lawmakers from around the country – representing all 50 states – have issued proclamations about the industry.