MMG Insurance

MMG Insurance does business in five states: Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Pennsylvania and Virginia, and the company’s Cessna Citation CJ2 is the linchpin to serving those territories from MMG’s headquarters in Presque Isle, ME.

Doug Hazlett, vice president of product management, recalled a recent trip to Pennsylvania that involved three stops in two days. “That would have been a very difficult trip to do commercially,” he said. “A couple of the airports we flew into we would not have been able to fly into, we would have had to go to a larger airport commercially and drive.”

The CJ2’s speed is what enables MMG to fly multiple legs in a single day – for example, the plane is able to drop passengers off at the Pennsylvania branch office, pick up passengers there and fly to Virginia, and pick up more passengers for the return to Presque Isle.

The CJ2’s ability to climb above weather gives MMG the flexibility to dispatch more days a year than before – which is important considering Maine’s long, harsh winters – and it required less frequent maintenance than its first aircraft, the Cessna 421 Golden Eagle, which went in every 50 hours for an oil change and airworthiness directive for the exhaust system.

“Without the aircraft, we would not be able to maintain our business model,” said Stacy Shaw, vice president and information systems manager. “Exceptional customer service is a hallmark for us, as well as relationships. Being in the market frequently is important to building relationships with our independent agency partners and our policyholders.”

For MMG Insurance, business aviation is simply the best way to meet customers’ needs.

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