March 14, 2019

According to Scott deLuise, CEO of Adjusters International Matrix Business Consulting (AIMBC), his Cessna pressurized Centurion (P210R) is his company’s biggest advantage over its competitors. Dubbed “AI One,” it’s the company workhorse.

AIMBC provides claims consulting services exclusively for homeowners and business owners, representing their interests in insurance claims. The company works mostly in the Mountain and Western Plains states of Colorado, Iowa, Kansas, Missouri, New Mexico and North and South Dakota, as well as Wyoming, from its base near Denver, CO.

The aircraft allows the company to provide in-person service during a crisis, reducing the business owner’s or homeowner’s stress and often leading to a more positive settlement. Scott’s son, Kalon, a pilot, is also the company’s COO and uses the plane to visit clients and prepare their business interruption claims.

The P210 offers deLuise an easy 800-mile radius from his base at Erie, CO Municipal Airport, from which he is able to provide services to clients in very remote areas. He has used aircraft to grow his business since 1984

For example, deLuise once flew the P210 to a pig farm in Iowa, landed on a small farm road, met with the farmer and assisted him with an insurance claim. Another time, deLuise assisted a restaurant owner in a remote area of New Mexico by landing at a small airstrip next to the restaurant.

“It might be necessary to meet a company adjuster and a client a few times to handle one claim and we efficiently do that with this airplane,” said deLuise. “It’s just not cost effective or time efficient to get to these locations any other way.”

A typical destination in the P210 might take deLuise two to three hours, but it would take another company an entire day to fly commercial one way, connecting through a hub airport to land at a small regional airport, then drive further to the client’s site. “We can handle a three-hour meeting and fly back the same day,” said deLuise.

“My business advantage is that I can get where my competitors can’t,” said deLuise. “Adjusters International has a 48-hour service guarantee our competitors just can’t match. Our airplane makes that possible.”