Central Business Jets, Inc.

Minneapolis, MN

Minnesota-based Central Business Jets, an aircraft acquisition, sales and fleet-planning specialist, relies on its Cessna 210 to meet clients’ needs and expand its business.

“You don’t have to have a [large jet] to effectively use a business aircraft,” said Tony Theis, vice president of Central Business Jets. “We used to have a Cessna 182, but at some point in time, the mission profile changed and it was time for a new airplane with more capability. Not only is the Cessna 210 a benefit to our clients, but we use it to support our business as well.”

Central Business Jets uses its Cessna 210 to meet client needs in a number of ways, including flying to service centers across the country to observe completions and pre-purchase inspections, which helps address any issues quickly. The company also uses the aircraft to meet potential buyers at the location of the aircraft they are selling, or to view aircraft across the country they are looking to purchase on behalf of a client. The aircraft has been instrumental in growing the business, since in-person contact with a prospective client can lead to a successful deal.

“You might have a $20 million dollar asset at a service center for a pre-purchase evaluation or one being outfitted for a new delivery,” said Theis. “The Cessna 210 allows us to be there, face-to-face, seeing the aircraft first hand and the team working on the aircraft. We can usually decrease the timeframe significantly – sometimes having the aircraft out in as much as 30-40 percent less time than an unmonitored situation.”

Managing expenses is critical to any small business, and with its business aircraft, the company can complete much of its business for less than the cost of a last-minute airline ticket, in many cases up to 60 to 70 percent less, especially when considering the cost of airline travel, hotel accommodations, rental cars and other expenses. Further, many service centers and other Central Business Jets destinations are not served or are underserved by the airlines. With the Cessna 210 employees can fly to the destination, complete their tasks and fly home in time for dinner.

Whether signing on a new client or closing a transaction for an existing client, “time kills deals,” emphasized Theis.

“[Our aircraft] is a necessary tool for our business and for our clients,” he said.

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