Dec. 14, 2017

B. Coleman Aviation recently announced the completion of its 40,000-square-foot airplane hangar, which increases the company’s footprint to approximately 95,000-square-feet of FBO and hangar facilities at Gary/Chicago International Airport (GYY).

“The hangar was built to meet the growing demand in the region for business aviation services, particularly as the hangar options continue to dwindle at nearby Midway airport,” said John Girzadas, president of B. Coleman Aviation, which is a member of NBAA. “Once customers experience the convenience and economic advantages of the Gary/Chicago Airport, we anticipate our customer base will continue to grow considerably.”

The new hangar offers a 28-foot door and can house four large-cabin aircraft plus eight midsize to small- body aircraft. It will significantly boost the capacity for transient customers and offer short term and long-term lease options, the company said.

B. Coleman Aviation’s further expansion plans allow for construction for up to four additional hangars.
GYY features an 8,900-foot runway and Customs will be operational early 2018. The airport is located 25-35 minutes from downtown Chicago. IL.

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