Aug. 14, 2019

The benefits of business aviation were highlighted in a post on Stratos Charter Jets’ blog, which shares the industry’s many positive contributions to companies and communities around the country.

The industry “Creates over a million jobs in manufacturing and airport services,” the blog post notes, adding that for every aircraft, “There are literally thousands of employees providing maintenance and services…”

“Modern technologies allow a management team to hold teleconferences, see presentations and run the corporation while en-route to meet a foreign client,” the post states. “With increased global competition, it just makes sense to get your top people to the right places to close a deal.”

The blog post also references organizations that use business aircraft for humanitarian causes, including the Corporate Angel Network, which helps transport children in need of medical treatment to facilities that can provide it. “Whether it’s evacuating people from a crisis, delivering medical supplies or even transporting a critically-ill child to treatment,” business aviation is often the answer, the blog concludes.

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