June 21, 2016

Business aviation continues to be recognized from coast to coast as a half a dozen more cities and towns recognized its value in June. To date, hundreds of local officials have issued official proclamations about the importance of general aviation, including business aviation, to their city and state.

Here are the latest proclamations:

Aberdeen, SD Mayor Mike Levsen said his state is home to 65 public-use general aviation airports, including Aberdeen Regional Airport. These airports serve more than 2,200 pilots and 1,478 active general aviation aircraft. Read the Aberdeen proclamation. (PDF)

John Pritchard, mayor of Galesburg, IL, said, according to a PricewaterhouseCoopers study, general aviation supports 42,400 jobs in Illinois, resulting in more than $3 billion in labor income. General aviation in Illinois contributes more than $9 billion to the state’s total economic output. Read the Galesburg proclamation. (PDF)

Lewiston, ID Mayor Jim Kleeburg said, “the city of Lewiston, Idaho has a significant interest in the continued vitality of general aviation, aircraft manufacturing, aviation educational institutions, aviation organizations and community airports.” Read the Lewiston proclamation. (PDF)

Matt Watkins, mayor of Pasco, WA, noted his city has a special connection to aviation history, “including the first commercial air flight 90 years ago; service to country as a Naval Air Station in World War II and a long-time host to the community’s largest event, the annual tri-City Water Follies and Airshow.” Pasco Airport, he said is the primary airport in the region for the training of new pilots via Bergstrom Aircraft. Read the Pasco proclamation. (PDF)

General aviation in Idaho contributes more than $1.1 billion to the state’s total economic output, said Twin Falls, ID Mayor Shawn Barigar. “General aviation not only supports Idaho’s economy, it improves overall quality of life,” he wrote. Read the Twin Falls proclamation. (PDF)

Wenatchee, WA Mayor Frank Kuntz said according to a Merge Global Report, general aviation in Washington contributes more than $8.1 billion to the state’s economy, and it’s eight seaplane bases support an economic output of about $3 million annually. “General aviation and the Pangborn Memorial Airport have an immense economic impact on Wenatchee,” he said. Read the Wenatchee proclamation. (PDF)