August 6, 2019

The Arkansas Department of Aeronautics recently published an update to the Arkansas Statewide Airport System Plan, which determined that the focus of the improvements and maintenance over the next 20 years would be general aviation airports across the state.

General aviation, including business aviation, is expected to continue to grow in Arkansas in the coming years. “Over 300 additional aircraft are projected to be based at Arkansas airports by 2036, indicating steady growth in the general aviation sector,” according to the plan.

The update reported that general aviation airports are responsible for a total economic impact of $468 billion and approximately 80 percent of all annual aircraft operations in the state. The state’s 82 general aviation airports support 5,200 jobs and bringing in 330,000 annual visitors.

“Businesses throughout Arkansas depend on commercial and general aviation airports to transport employees and goods safely and efficiently,” the plan states.

General aviation also improves the health, welfare, and safety of the state. “Arkansas’ general aviation airports support a wide variety of functions including corporate travel, pilot training, agricultural spraying, and police and fire protection.”

Read the 2036 Arkansas Statewide System Plan Update. (PDF)