People and Pets Dog Airlines

People and Pets Dog Airlines

April 6, 2016

People and Pets Dog Airlines, a Houston, TX-based animal transportation company that helps relocate pets throughout the U.S., supports the No Plane No Gain advocacy campaign because its four-legged passengers depend on business aviation for safe and stress-free travel.

Major airlines typically require most dogs to fly in an airplane’s cargo hold, where the animals often become stressed. By contrast, People and Pets carries all of its furry clients in the cabin of a Cessna 150, allowing crew members to constantly monitor the animals during flight.

“We rely on business aviation and local airports to serve customers who live far from major international airports, and cannot transport their pets on major airlines,” said Lincoln Dow, president of People and Pets. “The small, safety-conscious environment of business aviation also allows us to ensure the safety of the animals we transport in a way that big airlines cannot.”

People and Pets recently requested 40 No Plane No Gain lapel pins for its employees, partners and supporters to wear and display at meetings, conventions and other events.

“We requested No Plane No Gain materials because as a new member of NBAA, we’re excited to show our commitment to business aviation and help small airports thrive,” Dow said. “Our base, West Houston Airport, has been serving general aviation for more than 60 years, but is constantly threatened by noise restrictions, new developments, etc.”

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